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UEFA CHL Quarter Finals - 2nd leg

We are very close to infinite pizza nights.
I would prefer Barca-Bayern and Liverpool-Real or Barca-Liverpool and Real-Bayern.
We'll just have to wait for this gameweek.

City can win but Liverpool can also score and then City would need 5 goals.
In fantasy terms this is a game that we'll avoid.
Else you can select temporary Jesus, Sterling, Sane, just for this match.
Milner can also score (a penalty).

From Barca, Messi (as always) is a good choice.
Dembele will find space to run and can also score.

Lewa is our choice for captain this week.
Urlich and Martinez (plays as defensive midfielder) are also good choices.

From Madrid we'll pick CR7, Marcelo and Casmiro