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GW16: Dos and Don'ts

West Ham v Chelsea

West Ham have been having serious defensive issues and as a tactical mastermind as Moyes is, he has not yet managed to cover them up.We are not expecting him to do it right away, anyhow. 32 goals against is currently the worst defence of the league and they have not managed a win for the last 8 games. Chelsea have improved a lot since the start of the season, with Eden Hazard being the main reason. He has contributed 4 goals & 2 assists at the last 4 games. Chelsea are in an excellent run with only one draw at the last 8 games and -at current form- they should be beating the Hammers easily. We expect 1-3.


  • Hazard (10.8): We have just stated the reason above.
  • Morata (10.8): Chelsea will score a lot, so he will be in the scoresheet as well


  • West Ham defence. See above
  • Willian: He usually comes off the bench to get his customary single point. Somehow this was skewed against Liverpool, but we do not expect much more from the afro-haired brazilian

Burnley vs Watford

Who would have thought at the start of the season that this fixture would be so much anticipated. This year's Cinderellas. Burnley with a solid defence; with a better record than Tottenham, Arsenal & Liverpool. Watford with an attack that is better that Tottenham's and almost as good as Chelsea's. It will be a difficult game to predict a winner but in these cases, we prefer to side with the team that defends better. Watford have a remarkable away record of 4 wins in 7 games, but we do not think that they will manage to break Burnley's defensive wall. We expect a narrow win for Burnley, which seems to be the case with them, having only one of their 7 wins with 2 goal difference (which was against Swansea 2-0)


  • Pope (4.7): Value for money. 59 points, 12 games with such value!
  • Ward (5.1): His value just keeps growing. The best choice out of a solid defence.
  • Mariappa (4.0): If you think we will have a goalless draw here, he's your best cheap option



  • Richarlison: He does a fantastic year, but he will not do much this game. We expect him to be locked down
  • Defour: He is the only player without a goal from Burnley's midfield. He has 2 assists but not much lately and he gets easily substituted.

Crystal Palace v Bournemouth

Only mighty Roy could turn this Palace side around, you know. Sitting comfortably on 10 points already and on their way up, they can now breath and re-focus for their fight for survival. Their defence was literally a joke and they now have 2 clean sheets in a row. We believe that they can keep add one against Bournemouth. Bournemouth just is in the league, getting comfortable in their midtable mediocrity. We expect a narrow win for Palace; 1-0


  • Sakho (4.9): In spite of having missed almost half of the Palace fixtures, he is currently the top fantasy points contributor for the team. Shows his class.
  • Zaha (6.9): A class attacking player in a team striving for points.


  • Milivojevic. Mr. Yellow card.
  • Arter. Is he going to play? And even if he does, will he get more than 2 points? Look away, we say.

Spurs v Stoke

4 games without win for Tottenham is just too much! They are bound to thrash someone in the league and it looks like Stoke is the unlucky one. Stoke have been having defensive struggles, so we expect a 3-0. It is a chance for Kane to score a more than one goal since Spurs' home win against Liverpool.


  • Kane (12.8): Our Captain of the week suggestion
  • Vertonghen(6.1): He has not missed a game this year. A great feat for a defence with a big rotation. You may get lucky and see him grabbing a goal as well.


  • Choupo-Moting. We will be dropping him for the next couple of weeks. Later on, we will pick him again.
  • Zouma: He is always at the first 11, but Stoke's defence is a disaster.

Huddersfield vs Brighton

What a schedule are Huddersfield coming out from? City (Home), Arsenal (Away) and Everton (Away) their last three fixtures. Add their surprising loss of 4-0 at Bournemouth and you have a team looking to recover quickly. Tough luck for Brighton who are coming back from a Liverpool spanking at home. We predict 2-1 for Wagner's side.


  • Gross (6.0): He most likely is already in your team and still is a reliable, relatively cheap option.
  • Depoitre (5.2): Hasn't score for a while and we are backing him to do it this Gameweek.


  • Lowe He's been in and out of the starting 11, so we really cannot trust him in our team
  • Ryan. No clean sheet for Matthew this week, so we'd advice against picking him

Swansea v West Brom

Drum-rolls please... Forget your Merseyside derby, forget your Manchester derby, THIS is the week's highlight. One the red corner sits a team that hasn't won since GW8. On the blue corner we have the Kings of the draw, having 7 draws already and crave to get a win -haven't won since GW2. Any prediction is tough but we believe Swansea have the experience to overcome this one. 2-0 for the home team.


  • Fabianski (4.6): A cheap goallie expecting to get an easy clean sheet
  • Ayew (5.1): Seems to have replaced Abraham in the starting 11 and we expect him to score.


  • Hegazi. One clean sheet in the last 10. We do not expect him to get a second one in a row
  • Rodriguez. Two goals in 15 simply not good enough.

Southampton v Arsenal

Any match against the top 6 has resulted in bitter disappointment for Southampton, their overhyped defence hasn't delivered what was expected at the beginning of the season in spite of keeping vanDijk. Arsenal, wanting to come back from a disappointing defeat against ManU will have a point to prove. We expect anything but a So'ton win. From a 2-2 draw to a 1-3 Arsenal win. Helpful, heh?


  • Austin (6.0): We believe he will start and we can see him scoring
  • Lacazzete (10.3): We see the frenchman starting a series of impressive performances to replace Sanchez as Arsenal's talisman


  • Kolasinac. Tough choice to make but we can't see Arsenal keeping a clean sheet.
  • Forster. For obvious reasons.


Liverpool v Everton

The Merseyside derby. We will stick to the cliches of derbies being unpredictable and that whoever wants it more should win it. There is however a huge gap between the teams this season and Liverpool are currently hitting top form. We cannot see past a -tough- Liverpool win with many goals and a couple of red cards in between.


  • Salah (9.9): Well, obviously...
  • Coutinho (8.9): He's been on filthy form lately


  • Defences. Many goals and a couple of red cards, remember?
  • Rooney. Speaking of red cards...

Manchester Utd vs Manchester City

The clash of the best teams of the season so far. A huge psychological dilemma for Mourinho, however. Would the big Ego of Mourinho let his team to play more freely or he will present us the new jumbo double Decker?

What is the point of playing for a draw when you are already 8 points behind? United play well lately and City have lost their dominant style of game at the beginning of the season. Maybe it is the best moment for a win for United but also for the ego of Mourinho; his record against Guardiola is not the best: 4 wins, 6 draws, 9 losses (most of them against that incredible team of Barcelona). Furthermore, how would Mourinho feel he lost the title without putting a proper fight?

We expect him to have a different approach on this game. Pogba is out, so he misses his best player of the last games but everyone else on the field is contributing; Martial, Lingard,Young have given goals when everyone thought that with Lukaku silenced, United would suffer.

Guardiola has an advantage; a draw is perfect for him. His team will remain unbeatable this season and they will keep 8 points safety net from their opponents and all the pressure will remain on Jose.
Anyway, it will be a game that we are really looking forward. We expect and hope for a 2-1 win for United, so PL will remain interesting for the rest of the season.


Martial(8.0): If United will score, it will be him. He has the pace against the heavy defence of City.
De Bruyne(10.2): He has to prove something to Mourinho


Lukaku: Lately he does more jobs than scoring, unfortunately those things do not give fantasy points
Fernandinho: Difficult to score and he will get a card in such a game

Newcastle vs Leicester

This is not a Benitez's team; 1 draw in 6 games. Newcastle created many expectations at the beginning of the season, but they are struggling to get a draw at the moment. Biggest problem is the lack of a decent striker. Benitez complained at the summer for lack of decent transfers and we can obviously notice it as the season progresses. Leicester play much better under Puel and have two straight wins against Tottenham & Burnley. We believe that Rafa will find the way to get the 3 points that Newcastle need in order to avoid being involved in a releagation battle so early in the season. We expect a narrow win for Newcastle 1-0


  • Darlow(4.4): Cheap option for a keeper in a game that Rafa will chase a clean sheet
  • Gayle(6.1): A cheap option for a forward that seems to be improving


  • Iheanacho. He may come from the becnh, but will most likely not offer much
  • Hayden. Mr. Yellow card for Newcastle. Consider him for