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UEFA CHL Quarter Finals - 1st leg

Tuesday 03, April

From Sevilla Ben Yedder could be an option but not while there are other forwards available like Lewa, CR7, Messi, Jesus, Salah.
Apart from him, Sevilla can be easily defeated or find a new hero even for a game.
So actually we won't suggest any players from Sevilla.

As we expect Bayern to win even in both games, our proposal is to pick as many players you can, trying also to maximize the value of any credit spent.
Ulrich, Kimmich, James, Lewa, Alaba.
You can also wait for the lineups for any surprise like Sule or Javi Martinez.

Juventus is again back in the usual 1st place in their national league. Tottenham has lost a title from Leicester. Qualifying against Juve would actually be a major achievement for their history, no matter how many good players they have. Now Juve has to qualify against Real Madrid. Madrid is also struggling this year but CR7 is always there. A very difficult match to predict. We'll pick 1-2 players from both teams and just enjoy the match.
CR7, Marcelo, Sandro

Wednesday 04, April

We expect Barcelona to win even in both matches.
We'll go for the obvious choices: Messi, Paulinho, Alba while from Roma we would only pick Under

Liverpool VS Man City is a very risky fantasy game. TAA can either score or conceive 5 goals. The same applies for Salah; he can mark 3 or none. We'll just select a few players and also enjoy the match: TAA, Salah, Ottamendi, Jesus