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Doc Daneeka's return


The Doc Daneeka's return with the best worst eleven players for gameweek 11


Safe & Easy choices

Speroni - Dann 

This year's' adventure for Palace has not stopped and they have one of the most interesting trips.  They visit Spurs and we do not expect less than four goals. Spurs had an amazing Wednesday, where they beat Real 3-1.

Mascherano choice

Duffy We talk for our favourite anti-football team this season and for a player that he gets one yellow card every 3 games. Therefore, Duffy from Brighton is our Mascherano choice for this week

Derby choice

Pieters Stoke have the second worst defence of the league this season and they play against Leicester. Leicester have shown great improvement the last games, so Pieters is a safe choice for our defence.

SO choice

Monreal You need to have some expensive players for your team. Arsenal play against City. It will be a game with many goals and Arsenal will concede most of them. Easy choice to bring down your budget.

Mata choice

Ibe One full match out of the 9 he has participated in. Blend in a horrible Bournemouth side play away from home and you have "the perfect Mata"

Vinnie Jones choice

Gueye We expect a tough game at Goodison Park. Everton needs to get a good result otherwise relegation will become inevitable. Gueye just loves to get yellow cards, maybe he will get a red one on this one.

Solskjaer choice

Chamberlain He is the absolute choice. Klopp said that he may be at the starting 11 for the PL bue he was probably joking!He will always be the first option for Klopp coming from the bench and he will always be in our anti football hearts.


Llorente You would have him as your best third option at your previous FPL team but last year. Now, he will play for some minutes or if Kane is injured. He wastes his talent waiting at the bench, but that's life. He knew it and we know it.


Bernardo Silva The beloved expandable choice. You will see him sitting at the end of the bench. He knows that he will play, He costs 50 million euro, his value is much less than that and his quality much less than the other City's midfielders but Pep has to use him. He has to justify his cost.
Oriel Romeu There is no butterfly effect this week as a result we will provide second 'expendable choice'. Romey is the perfect antifootball player from Southampton.He is not involved in any goal or assist and sometimes is the first substitute of the team