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GW2: Dos and Don'ts

And what a first game week was that!

It had a bit of everything. The champion's upset, the new United signing kicking off in style, the new exciting team to follow and Liverpool conceding in the last minute. Welcome to the Premier League ladies and gentlemen, it is on!

Last week's Dos and Dont's were pretty much on target, so we will be giving you our predictions this Gameweek as well! Our suggestions this week will be targeted to key points as with only 1 transfer for each gameweek from now on, you have to be careful with your limited budget.

Cheer up! Its only a red card!

Swansea v Manchester United

Swansea where lucky to get a draw at Southampton, having no shot on target for a full 90 minutes against a team in the process of being sold and with their captain and best defender in the sidelines. Also, they will be missing Gylfi as it looks like his transfer to Everton is being finalized.
On the other hand, there's Manchester United. If people are still not convinced, this is a team that goes straight for the title. Mourinho-style. They were emphatic in their opener against and ambitious West Ham side, and they will be emphatic this week as well. United will be the team to beat if you want to win the league this year.


  •  Jones (5.0): With Cahill getting red-carded we saw that many players are stressed about his replacement. At the moment, we have picked Jones as the value-for-money replacement. With a clean sheet against Swansea almost guaranteed and a thread in aerial duels, we say go for him! There's also rumours flying around that Lidelof "will be eased in" by The Great Portuguese Mastermind.
  • Carroll (4.5): Carroll would be the only choice from Swansea as the "cheap-midfielder" option as there will be less of an impact on him 
  • Lukaku (11.6): With his price up already, you must be sorry if you didn't pick him on opening day. If you can afford it, pick him up now. Even though he hasn't scored in his last 6 encounters against 


  • Swansea Defense: Stay away for now, Mourinho's train is coming and a clean sheet looks close to impossible
  • Mkhitaryan: Don't fall in the Mickey-trap just yet. He had a good gameweek, his price has risen already, but it will take some convincing before we suggest using him.

Bournemouth v Watford

Bournemouth will feel hard done by after losing to West Brom in the opening weekend. They had full possession of the game (70%-30%) but little to show for. Granted, they were playing against a grand Toni Pulis side and conceded from (take a wild guess..!) a set piece! It remains to be seen how much Jack Wilshere will be missed from this Bournemouth side that was so impressive and nice to the eye last year. On the other hand, we have Watford coming from a goal and adrenaline filled opening fixture against Liverpool. They had 3 injuries during that match, but they showed their Manager's formidable character and never gave up thus gating a late equaliser albeit against a poor Liverpool defense. Doucoure and Chalobah impressed us during that game in pure football terms, while the Watford defense showed its frailties.


  • Ake (5.0): If one team can keep a clean sheet in this encounter, it is Bournemouth and we will keep supporting the dreadlocked defender for this gameweek as well
  • King (7.5): We will give King another shot, this gameweek, even though he was dissapointing last time around. At home, against a paper-thin defense, he should grab one.
  • Okaka (5.5): This little fighter scored from a set-piece during the weekend. We took a gamble on him last week and he delivered. Gray has his work cut out for him to get him out of the teamsheet for now


  • Watford defense. Can't see them getting a clean sheet at Bournemouth and we cannot only rely on a lucky set piece again for a Holebas assist. We suggest you stay away.

 Burnley v West Bromwich Albion

What an opener for Burnley! If only they could play against 10 week in, week out! They might even win the league at this pace! Seriously, though, Burnley gave this blog the finger after we had suggested for them to stay away. Especially Vokes who looks like he continued where he left off last season. They'll be coming in this match in a high, but if there is one man who knows how to ruin a good mood it is... Toni Pulis. This beautiful bald-headed tinkerman who just refuses to retire!

That smile... Pure sexy

West Brom are also coming back from a typical victory at home, so we expect them to come full throttle with a determination to destroy another football match this weekend. All in all, this shouts as a typical high-scoring English game. Wouldn't be surprised with a high score-line (3-2)


  • Vokes (6.0): He's back on the menu guys! Go get him! Great performance last gameweek, and he is the only spearhead of the Burnley attack at the moment, which makes him a great choice for now
  • Rodriguez (6.0): Another nice option for the 6.0-price range. With Burnley having an easier schedule, he might edge out on preferences this gameweek


  • Any defense. This will be a high-scoring match, so we'd advice to stay away for now.
  • Hegazi. No reason to ride the Hegazi bandwagon just yet. Firstly because of the defense. Secondly, there will always be that one player who overperforms in a gameweek. No need to panic-buy. 

 Leicester v Brighton

What an "almost" moment for Leicester last week, heh? It is good to see that they still have this grit in them. In the end, the Arsenal firepower was proven too much for their shaky defense. Big goals from Vardy as well. As for Brighton, you have to give credit for keeping City scoreless for 70 minutes, but still we need them to convince us a bit more if we are to bet on them.


  • Mahrez (8.5): Rising with an assist in the Emirates, we tip him to have a great season this year. Worth a punt as he is also our Captain suggestion for this Gameweek
  • Vardy (8.6): Vardy can prove the surprise of yet another season. He seemed on form against Arsenal and it might be wise to bet on him for your starting talisman and reap the rewards as his price sky-rockets


  • Leicester defense. Might be wise to stay away from now. They looked really shaky against Arsenal, but this could just be the Emirates effect. If you have no Leicester defender yet, better leave it that way for now
  • Brighton. We will keep a "wait and see" approach for Brighton as we did in GW1 and were rewarded for it. 

Liverpool v Crystal Palace

We gave an excessive look into this match in our dedicated entry a couple of days ago. Liverpool will likely rotate this gameweek, so this makes it a bit tricky. 


  • Benteke (8.0): A big ex-Liverpool player against a shaky defense that cannot defend set pieces? I'll take it.  
  • Alexander-Arnold (4.5): The hype for the youngster has started but his price is yet to rise. It looks like it will be tough for Clyne to get back on the starting 11 at the moment and this young man is grasping the bull by the balls. Now might be the time to pick him


  • Defenses. Apart from TAA, I wouldn't touch any of the defenders here
  • Mane/Salah. With rotation looming, it is probable that Klopp might rotate or reduce minutes for the key runners on the wings. We wouldn't transfer them in, and we'd be scared shitless if we had both.

Southampton v West Ham

Southampton, having an unspectacular first match against a side they should be winning, will now face West Ham in the wake of some severe spanking at Old Trafford. Both teams have a point to prove, but we just can't see past Southampton here.


  • Southampton Defense (Not Van Dijk!). Our suggestion from last gameweek stands as is. We would go with either Cedric (5.0) or Stephens (5.0). Take your chances!
  • Gabbiadini (7.0): Looks like Manolo will be the regular starter for Pellegrino. He is due to score at home, so we suggest you get him
  • Chicarito (7.0): If you are a betting man, you can pick the mexican stallion for your offence. A long shot, but he is also due a goal


  • Austin. Price falling and looks like wont be a regular starter. Get rid ASAP
  • Southampton midfield. With Lemina on his way, wait and see who the regular starters will be
  • Masuaku. Booking and goals conceded coming up for the ex-Olympiakos man. Keep your distances.

Stoke v Arsenal

If we learned something about Arsenal in their opening fixture at the Emirates, it was that they will be exciting to watch this season. We mean "Liverpool"-exciting, not "Real Madrid"-exciting. Their defense is a mess, which is something that hasn't happened for a while at Arsenal. Lets wait until the end of the transfer window and see. As for stoke, after losing at Goodison Park, they face yet another test.


  • Berahino (6.0) / Shaquiri (6.0): We can see anyone of those two scoring against that Arsenal defense
  • Lacazzete (10.5): Seemed on fire in the opening fixture. Might as well keep it up
  • Kolasinac (6.0): He started paying Arsene back. He is one of our top choices for wingbacks at the moment


  • Stoke defense. Some goals coming their way we think
  • Xhaka/Ramsey. Twitter is all over them just after a high-scoring match at the Emirates. Do not fall in the trap just yet.

Huddersfield v Newcastle

Huddersfield were magnificent against Crystal Palace in the opening fixture, while Newcastle were unlucky to have the walking red card also known as Jonjo Shelvey in theirs. It will be an interesting fixture, with all eyes on Huddersfield to see if they can actually keep up on their surprising spanking of Crystal Palace.
What a Mounie..!


  • Lossl (4.5): Top keeper for GW1, and we're sticking by him again.
  • Mounie (6.0): Dream start to his Premier League career. We are backing this horse to shine
  • Gayle (6.5): He featured in the opening feature and should feature again. If Newcastle score, he will probably be the one.


  • Ince. Didn't offer much in the opening match, no reason to jump on the hype train
  • Newcastle. Let's wait and see how Rafa shapes this team up before picking up players.

Spurs v Chelsea

Spurs had a great opener, while Chelsea seems to be in turmoil at the moment. Conte is rumoured to have problems with the management (good luck with that) and out of the blue, Chelsea seems to be out of any title conversation. Too early, however, as last season Chelsea started slowly as well.

Crisis? What crisis?


  • Alli (9.5): Big match player. Expect him to score
  • Batshuayi (8.4): Didn't play well in the opener and his price dropped. Got a feeling he might score in the derby.


  • Kane. Wait for our heads up before picking up the big man. He is a slow starter and that was proven in the opening fixture as well
  • Morata. Still not convinced by the new Chelsea target man

Manchester City v Everton

A first test of City's title credentials this is. Everton was as efficient as needed in their opener, and even though they will be coming back from a Europa League Qualifier, they will be asking questions to pep's side. Still we can see a home win here with a clean sheet for City.


  • Danilo (5.5): A value for money option that will pay up if indeed city keep their clean sheet
  • De Bruyne (10.0): People started offloading him after a bad match shows lack of faith. This is the exact type of match that Kevin shines. We are standing by you, you Belgian ginger!
  • Calvert-Lewin (5.0): After his breakthrough season, he started on fire. A cheap choice that might pay up in both short and long term


  • Sane didn't start the season well and we now advice against getting him
  • Rooney will find it tough against a pacey and strong city defense.
  • Pickford. Time to bench him, can't see him getting a clean sheet at Manchester