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GW2: The LFC Perspective

So, that was expected.

Liverpool fail to capitalize and letting in a late equalizer against a team they more or less should have won by landslide? Check.

We were half-expecting that, to be honest. Liverpool's defense seems to be a ticking time-bomb every time the ball reaches its third. There is no confidence, no grit, no perseverance. They know they will concede. It is only a matter of how and when.

Com'on Joel, don't look so surprised..!

 Next league opponent: the formidable Crystal Palace. Let have a look at them.

As we've noted in previous entries, de Boer seems to be the correct Manager for a proper club. The league is much better with him instead of Allardyce. But, Palace were the victims of a spanking from Huddersfield last Gameweek and oh, wasn't it beautiful?  De Boer was caught with his pants down by Wagner and it was again proven how unpredictable this league can be (are you reading Chelsea?).

Zaha is out injured so it looks like Townsend (6.0) will replace him. Benteke (8.0) looms, however, and he is bound to score at least once. De Boer seemed to tinker with three at the back against Huddersfield, we need to see if he will stick to this choice again.

Liverpool met Crystal Palace in their summer's Premier League Asian Trophy tour, aka the only trophy Liverpool fans will celebrate this year, emerging victorious 2-0 with goals from Origi and Solanke.

Out of Salah, Mane and Firmino, it looks like Firmino edged out the wing duo, but from a Forward's position last Gameweek. With midweek's game against Hoffenheim being played in full throttle and the rematch and Arsenal just around the corner, rotation may be a factor on Klopp's team selection as he's already gone two games straight without any changes. Milner (6.5) can take a part in Liverpool's slim midfield, while Origi (7.5) seems to be Klopp's choice for substitute striker in the league. In regards to Milner, it is worth pointing out that he is classified as a defender in FPL, while will most likely not play as left back this season. Do what you will with this info.

We expect Trent Alexander-Arnold's (4.5) rise to continue. Although he had a decent game against Watford, a booking and 2 goals conceded  didn't help him fantasy-wise. His midweek performance was stunning though, and he scored a beauty.

It is clear now that he will be the primary FK and Corner taker for Liverpool in the absence of Coutinho. With the way Crystal Palace defended their set pieces, it is perhaps worth gambling on this raw talent.

 Here's our take of the lineup. We go with the "Rotation Klopp" option and giving Moreno (and our clenched butts) a rest: