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The League of the Nations

Premier League. The best league in the world ™. Where amazing happens. Where transfer deadline day becomes a national event and Leicester win the League before Liverpool. It goes without saying, it is only in the Premier League where you can see a goal of divine beauty such as this...

Right before or after something like this...

But, have you ever thought how would the Premier League be without foreign football players?
Can you imagine Arsene Wenger's Arsenal without a French football player?

Would be possible the emergence of new superpowers at the league like Chelsea and City with only heavy funding and limited restriction on foreign players?

On the other hand, how do you think an all-spanish team would fare in the Premier League? Or an all-scandinavian one?

And last, the most important question; how much more difficult (or fun) would it be to create your desired fantasy football team if you had only to choose among English football players?

Enter "The League of the Nations" Fantasy Premier League

We have created teams consisting of players from only selected countries and regions and put them in the same league. We will be presenting these teams one by one as the season goes by, as well as their standings after each gameweek.

To be perfectly honest, we have to admit that there were cases where we needed to borrow players from other regions to make a full team but we have tried to keep these players as less involved as possible.

But we do believe that it is a very interesting league to follow and we expect your suggestions through the season on transfers and substitutions game by game or even for a team that we can add the following year! 

Besides that we can compare the best English team to the foreign players in their league. We understand that the results through the fantasy game are always a bit skewed due to the factor of luck but luck is one of the greatest factors in football itself!

Today, we are going to present you the name of the teams (with the results of the 3rd week of the season that was inaugural for this league) in our league and week by week we will present each different team and the players that we have chosen to represent them. 


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