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How to cheat UEFA Champions League Fantasy

Last year Mbappe, according to Uefa champions league fantasy, was a 'midfielder' who was scoring a lot (!).

Fabinho was initially a 'defender' but all of a sudden he was playing in front of the other defenders.
Andre Silva was also considered as a midfielder (but AC Milan has paid €38 millions for a forward called Andre Silva).
Sanchez, in other fantasy games, is still a midfielder.

Of course in each fantasy game you have to predict which forward will score more on a specific gameweek, which team has the strongest defense etc, but sometimes the key to success is to identify players in 'wrong' positions.

A forward registered as midfielder can provide more points than other midfielders.

Based mostly on their appearances in their national leagues we have identified a few cases that will allow you to maximize your points.
Unfortunately we haven't identified any serious mistakes this season. But don't worry. Mbappe also appeared in our radars after the group stage last year.

-Zappacosta and Alonso are currently used mostly as midfielders, not defenders. As a result they can score or provide assists.

-Kimmich is actually a defender, not a midfielder. However as he is an all-around player, there is no reason to avoid him for being registered in wrong position, although he would earn more points as defender.

-Walker and Mendy are also used as midfielders, not defenders, for a team that scores a lot.

-Asensio likes to play as a forward, so considering him a midfielder is not very accurate.

-Sidibe (Monaco) is currently used as winger-midfielder, not as a defender (same case as Chelsea's backs previously mentioned).

-Promes is used as 2nd forward, not as a midfielder.


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