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League of the Nations: Week II

League of the Nations

After a small break with the international games and the first round of the European group phase the League of the Nations is back.
We had some changes at the squads of the teams after the end of the transfer period and today, we are going to present you the current squads and the situation at the League Table.

What we would love from you is to give us suggestions for possible transfers and substitutions that you think will give a better result to any team. 

Also, we still want to hear for possible new teams for our League fort next year.

First of all, we start with the table:

As expected, Spain sits comfortably at the top of the league and it is followed from Latin America that had a bad week of 29 points and France that had the best week from all the rest of the teams (65 points). Netherlands has remained at the bottom of the table, but it can be justified as you will see because of their lack in forwards.

Also, lets face it, most of the dutch players are mediocre ones. It will be very difficult for Netherlands to follow up with the rest of the teams this year. It was also a devastating week for the African team with only 18 points.

Looking at you, Sadio!

And so we start with the presentation of the teams based to their current standings and how they will play this week.

We will give you their best 3 performers for all the game weeks in Premier League

Please do keep in mind that the league of the Nations runs only for 2 weeks. We will also inform you for the extra players needed for some teams to qualify for the league.


The best 3 performers of the Spanish team so far are:

1. Morata 30
2. Kiko Femenia 28
3. Alonso 24

Latin America

1. Firmino 28
2. Jesus 23 
3. Valencia 21


1. Pogba 31 * he is out of the squad for this week because he is injured
2. Doucoure 26
3. Martial 20

* Ogbonna ( Italian) just completes the squad


1. Welbeck 25
2. Vardy 24
3. Jones 20


1. Kolasinac 18
2. Sane 17
3. Tadic 13

Rest of the World

1. Mkhitaryan 28
2. Yoshida 17
3. Hemed 15


1. Lukaku 25
2. Alderweireld 14
3. Vertongen 14

* Ogbonna extra also here


1. Baily 27
2. Hegazi 25 ( not selected yet)
3. Salah 24 ( not selected yet ). As you can see a better selection of the squad of the African team could have lead to abetter position in our league.


1. Eriksen 30
2. Lossl 24
3. Zanka 22

* 4 extra players to cover the squad. We added Klavan because of proximity and 3 random players that are at the bench.


1. Blind 18
2. Pieters 10
3. Fer 10

* we added 2 random keepers and 2 forwards from the neighboring Belgium.