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Uefa Champions League Analysis (Groups A, B, C, D)

Uefa Champions League Fantasy is neither a marathon, nor a 100 meters  race.

You don't have the luxury to correct later a disastrous gameweek.

In just 13 gameweeks you have to do your best so as to win the private or public league.
The final is also considered by the experts as a match that almost does not count, because more or less everybody will make the same choices (expect from the case that you have to gamble, but we'll analyse this scenario on time). Keep also in mind that between group stage and gameweek for round of 16, each player has unlimited transfers.

So most probably the wildcard has to be used before the 3rd gameweek. This way you can select players that can make the difference in the 3rd and 4th gameweek. Without spending a transfer for the 4th gameweek, you'll have an additional transfer for the 5th gameweek.

Another option would be to use the wildcard before 5th or 6th gameweek, hoping for last minute major changes on the teams already in the group stage. However, our advice is to use the wildcard before the 3rd gameweek, waiting for the 5th gameweek can be too risky. You can of course wait and evaluate if your team needs wildcard before the 3rd gameweek or you can use it later.

As a result, while we are selecting our team, we'll actually have to focus on the first 2 gameweeks.

Relax by listening classic music for a while and then we are ready to continue our analysis.

Let's now start analyzing each group.

Group A


-Ricky van Wolfswinkel (7.0) from Basel could be a fair option for a 3rd forward. 
Last year he's scored 20 goals for Vitesse (just one behind golden boot winner Nicolai Jørgensen). 
-Elyounoussi is an attacking midfield who can collect points through assists and goals.
-Man.United would be in general a great option from this group. The only question is if Mourinho will focus on Premier League or cares for another European title. Our estimation is that he would never neglect another Uefa Champions League title and so we'll select as many players as we can (3) from MU.
-Lukaku (10) is definitely a VFM top choice. 
-You can also choose anyone from the MU players that already star in the premier league fantasy. De Gea, Jones, Bailly, Valencia, Mkhitaryan (the modern playmaker who can do everything for his teammates), Matic (if you are looking for a cheaper option from MU).
-Shchennikov(4.5) from CSKA (if you have to -for any reason- select anyone from CSKA) is a cheap defender who always plays and also scores.
-Wernbloom is a midfielder who also earns points through assists.
-Vitinho is the forward you have to choose if you believe that CSKA can qualify from this group.
-Benfica has a lot of 'classic' options. Pizzi, Jonas, Eliseu
-Bruno Varela (4.5) has started in all official matches until now, defending Benfica's goalposts.
-The greatest pick from this group, except from MU superstars, is Haris Seferovic, costing just 5.5. He has already scored in the last 4 out of 6 Benfica's matches.

Group B

-Paris VS Bayern in just the 2nd gameweek is a disaster for our plans to focus on the first 2 gameweeks. However this means that both teams can provide great options for the 3rd and 4th gameweeks.
-Teodorczyk from Anderlecht is a great scorer but nobody would buy him for 7.5. The same applies also for Hanni (6.5).
-McGregor and Sinclair from Celtic are midfielders that score a lot, but not against PSG or Bayern...
-Bayern has recently changed a lot. You can of course always count on LewaKimmich, Alcantara, Alaba. Tolisso is another newly added option, his transfer was a surprise only for those who haven't watched him playing for Lyon.
A VFM option is Sule (5.0).
-From PSG you can choose Neymar Jr. (he has a lot to prove), Dani AlvesCavani, Areola (VFM option for such a world class team) and the hidden gem Meunier.

Group C

-Roma, Atletico, Chelsea... Not a group for the first 2 gameweeks. You can wait for Atletico, in their 3rd-4th gameweek against Qarabag.
-Carrasco, Griezman, Saul, of course anyone from the amazing defense that Cholo has built (hint: check for Hernadez, he's played a lot recently and is cheap compared to the other defenders). You'll just have to wait for the latest lineup updates.
-From AS Roma, Kolarov looks as a good option, but we are not confident at all for Roma.
-Chelsea is also under reconstruction but you can go for Alonso, Morata, Rudiger and Fabregas.

Group D

-Barcelona VS Juve is scheduled for the first gameweek: a fantastic match to watch as a football fan but a headache for fantasy predictions. Messi is a standard CHL superstar, Sergi Roberto is a VFM choice. Semedo is a newcomer for Barca that can also provide points through assists.
On the other side you can select among Dybala, Sandro and Pjanic. A new option from Juve is Rugani. For many years he was staring in 'young' Italian national teams, it's now time to demonstrate his amazing Italian DNA in the champions league tournament.
-Fortounis, Figueiras, Dost, Bruno Fernandes, Gelson Martins are also cheap options from this group but we'll definitely find better options from other groups/teams.

UPDATE: Are you keen on reading our tips for the remaining 4 groups?

Just follow this link:


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  2. Hi , I want you to advise me who is the best player in the midfield

  3. I think best midfielder for the Champions League is Isco. Good value, he seems to score more often, the group of Real is quite easy and there is no much rotation in Spanish teams as in the English teams. IF you want to make the difference, choose Lemar. Still a bit unknown.


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